General supply and payment conditions

Area of application
To the business relations between “Total Artist.com” and the orderer/customer apply to the United Kindom addresses exclusively the following general terms of delivery and sales. Deviating conditions of the orderer/customer will not be accepted by Total Artist.com except when Total Artist.com has expressly and in writing agreed to their validity.

 “Total Artist.com” prices are calculated as wholesale prices, i.e. the larger purchased quantities of the retailer and professional artist and all other customer groups and industries specified in our customer listing, are already considered in our prices. In all other respects with some articles a graduated, mix-dependant price structuring was selected. The valid VAT rates are inclusive in the euro-selling prices. They apply to the entire European region, with exception of Switzerland, Austria and France.

are always not-binding.

Shipping terms
For the entire European region,, the dispatch is made central by the dispatch service in Doetinchem (the Netherlands). Orders can be given up only from the on-line Shop directly.

(all prices are inklusief the legally prescribed VAT.)

For organizational reasons  “Total Artist.com” points out that auxiliary orders can be considered only on the same day.

Costs of Shipping
“Total Artist.com” ships carriage free, if the purchase order value is at least  € 200, - inclusive VAT.  When the order value is less than € 200,- the packing and freight is charged for the following:
< 50, - = € 14, -
50, - < 100, - = € 12, -
100, - <150, - = € 8, -
150, - < 200, - = € 4, -
> 200, - = carriage free

To certain product groups the following addition apply:

Picture/stretched canvas and framework orders
The delivery times depend on the preparation duration, which are depending upon size of order and - situation of approx. 2-14 working-days. Dependant on kind and format, the dispatch takes place on the following conditions:

Stretched canvas
Starting from a purchased quantity of 10 frameworks per format or a skeleton sales order value of € 297.50 inclusive VAT. (net € 250.00) the additional packing lump sum is void. The transport costs generally go debited to the orderer.

Frames without glass
< 80 x 100 cm (internal dimension): to general shipping terms > 80 x 100 cm (internal dimension): Dispatch generally unfreely
Concerning the feasibility of the dispatch of oversizing Total-Artist asks for consultation.

Frames with glass
- Dispatch also in small quantities, generally up to a format of 70 x 100 cm is possible - the minimum purchased quantity amounts to 2 pieces per format - due to the large packing expenditure of glass quick change picture frames must compute Total-Artist extra charges. For further details please contact Total-Artist.

Stretched canvasses
For Stretched canvasses with a large site over the length of 100cm. of one of the sides additionally the special packing cost is computed :.

Terms of payment
In regard to the first shipment we only dispatch against pre-payment. Whereupon by following orders also normal billing and other payment services are possible. In individual cases we reserve the right to only ship against pre-payment or against cash on delivery. Delivery note and invoice are usually attached to the package (exception: If the ship-to-address deviates from the invoice address, the feed of the invoice takes place by letter post). Date of payment is 7 days net.  When payment takes place after 7 days the added costs of credit (2%) is to be paid.(2%)

The deliveries are usually made by parcel services. These deliver only weekday, and leave with absence of the orderer a message, in order to agree upon a renewed feed. The travel routes are fixed; Deliveries might about always take place therefore around the same time of day. In the case of delivery by a logistic company you are usually informed before delivery for agreement of a delivering date. Please consider that logistic companies deliver usually only to th doorstep of the house. Data over the time for delivery are noncommittal, as far as a date of delivery was not obligatorily assured. Supplies by the post office are made only in few exceptional cases with small quantities.
Express forwarding/express dispatching are not possible.

In the case of deliveries outside the UK a minimum purchase order value € for 119, - (net € 100, -)applies. (under this value no supplies can be implemented). There are no additional expenses such as handling charge with a purchase order value under the carriage free value. Under a commodity value of € 200, - up to the border only our forwarding expenses one computes. Additionally further forwarding expenses can develop with certain product groups (see notes there). All costs, which develop starting from border, go debited to the buyer.

In the case of supplies abroad outside of the European Union the minimum purchase order value amounts to € 500, - (net) (under this value no supplies can be implemented). The handling charge amounts to generally € 25, - (net) per order. Starting from a commodity value of € 500, - (net) the supply up to the UK border is free of postage. Additionally further forwarding expenses can develop with certain product groups (see notes there). All costs, which develop starting from border, go including customs debited to the buyer. All data understand themselves exclusive VAT..

With international credit transfers the following bank account applies:

Total Artist v.o.f
Rabobank Doetinchem • Bank code number: 000 0000 00 • Account: 37 00 19 547
Swift Code/BIC code: RABO 31 • IBAN: NL

Transportation damage
The customer is obligated to examine before acceptance whether the shipment is correct, regarding its contents , the number of packages and whether it is outwardly intact.

Transportation damages must be acknowledged immediately on the expedtition voucher of the expedetion company. Otherwise the transport company can not be held responsible and does not carry payment of damages. Requirements because of transport damages are to be placed against the carrier (parcel service, forwarding business, post office) by the receiver.

Please examine your order immediately after receipt. Objections because of obvious lack are to be indicated to us at the latest two to weeks after receipt of the goods. Otherwise Total Artist reserves the right to reject the guarantee to that extent.

In order to facilitate  return shipments, please give your customer number as well as the calculation or delivery note on. Total Artist can accept returns only according to previous agreement.

Return right for consumers
Total Artist grants only the legal return right in the remote paragraph to customers, who do not order in the context of their commercial or freelance activity. This right applies thus only to consumers in the sense of the civil law book, not however to our commercialpurchase-entitled customers like in particular free lance artists, free lance writers, architects, commercial artists, designers, free lance paedagogues and therapists, as far as these cover the need for their commercial or independent vocational activity. Also therapeuts, art schools and universities, schools, kindergartens, museums, public institutions, industrie, trade and service enterprises as well as associations are excluded from the return right for consumers.

As consumers you can return commodities without indication of reasons within two weeks. The period begins on the day after the receipt of the commodity and this explanation. A return right generally does not exist, if we made or cut the goods concerned from your specifications. They can explain the return also by cancelling demands in text form, thus e.g. by letter, fax or E-Mail. The return takes place at expense and responsibility of the customers.
The return shipment adress is:
Total Artist v.o.f., Dr. HuberNoodtstr. 47-49, 7001DS the Netherlands, fax +31314326549.

With a degradation of the commodity we can require indemnification according to value.
The customer can prevent a degradation of the commodity and any requirements for indemnification according to value, by  treating the goods carefully, opening the goods carefully and when no changes to the goods are made.

Retention of title and area of jurisdiction
The supplied goods are subject to our unrestricted retention of title up to the payment in all cases. Area of jurisdiction is Arnhem (the Netherlands).

Other reservations and Liability
If a lack in the purchase thing is present, the orderer can require fulfilment of the order(defect removal or replacement).
Representation errors of prices, illustrations, product descriptions or editorial contents as well as other mistakes remain reserving.

Total Artist cannot held not responsible for any damage, other than damage at the purchased article itself . Total Artist is also not responsible for lost profit or for other financial damages of the orderer. As far as the liability is excluded from Total Artist or limited, this applies also to the personal liability of employees, representatives and executing aides.

Limitation of liability does not apply, as far as the cause of the damage is based on resolution or rough negligence. If Total Artist is negligent to a contract-substantial obligation, the obligation to indemnify for damages to property is limited to the damage developed to the article.

Information of technical kind
Regarding the processing of the products supplied by us take place after best knowledge, however witthout obligation and under exclusion of any liability.

are noncommittal. Raw materials do not fail always evenly, smaller deviations in execution and dimension are permissible therefore.