Talens Amsterdam Expert 150ml.
When you work with acrylic, there comes a moment on which you want more and better. Then you automatically discover the "Amsterdam Expert" series. A carefully selected acrylic paint, developed and manufactured from pure skill and from the best materials.

Inspiring properties:

  • Tixotropic paint for processing with brush and painter knife
  • High concentration of the pure pigments for powerful and intense colors
  • The highest degree of lightfastness (+++)
  • A large number of colors is mono pigmented so you also get pure and intense colors after mixing the paint
  • Very durable and flexible painting film on based on 100% acrylate emulsions
  • Uniform brilliance degree concerning the complete colorrange

Expert is available in 70 colors in 75ml. and 150ml. tubes
Expert is well to use in combination with all other acrylics and ensures there mostly quality improvement.
Expert cooperates very good with mediums and the "Specialties" such as reflex and/or metalic-acrylics.

On this page we have the 150ml. tubes