Winsor&Newton Artist Watercolour pans

Winsor & Newton aquarelverf artists' quality. This paint is made from the finest pigments available in the Highest concentrations possible. A number of pigments gives a granulation (flakes) impact and at pigments which of itself have not this impact, it can be simulated adding granulation medium.
There are several media available to change or strenghten the properties of the paint. The colours are brilliant highly transparant and nearly all excellent colourfast and durable.
All colors can be mixed to clear mixing colours. The assortment includes tubes à 5 ml, tubes à 14 ml, half pans and whole pans. The assortment contains of 96 colours.


Aliz. Crimson 002

Antwerpblue 003

Bismuth Yellow

Brown Madder

Brown Ochre S1

Burnt Sienna 008

Burnt Umber 009

Cad. Lemon 080

Cad. Orange 081

Cad. Red 082

Cad. Red Deep 083

Cad. Scarlet 084

Cad. Yellow 085

Cad. Yellow Deep 08

Cad. Yellow Pale 08

Caput Mortuum Viole

Cerulean Blue 065

Cerulean Blue Red S

Chinese White 011

Cobalt Blue 066

Cobalt Deep Blue

Cobalt Green 067

Cob Turquoise 078

Cobalt Turquoise Lt

Cobalt Violet 088

Davy'S Grey 019

French Ultra 068

Gamboge New 020

Golden Ochre

Green Gold

Hooker'S Green

Indian Red 023

Indian Yellow 024

Indanthrene Blue

Indigo 025

Ivory Black 026

Lamp Black 028

Lemon Yellow Hue 07

Lemon Yellow Deep S

Light Red 029

Manganese Blue Hue

Magnesium Brown S 1

Mars Black S1

Naples Yellow 031

Naples Yellow Deep

Neutral Tint 032

Olive Green 033

Opera Rose S2

Oxide/Chrome'M 072

Perylene Green S2

Payne'S Grey 034

Permanent Alizarin

Perylene Violet S2

Permanent Carmine

Perm. Magenta 073

Perm Mauve 074

Perm Rose 075

Permanent Sap Green

Perylene Maroon

Phthalo Turquoise S