Talens Ecola Tempera / Posterpaint 500ml
Well-known from our schooldays

Ecola is the most used posterpaint in primary- and secondary school. Also this easy and cheap medium is frequently used by pupils of the art academy .


In spite of its low price Ecola has a good lightfastness and a constant degree of brilliance . The crushing of pigments is largely sufficient and much art-work has been produced partially or totally with this paint.


This posterpaint/Tempera comes in bottles of 500 and 1000 ml. This Ecola schoolpaint is farely thick and well spreadable.


kleurnr. 100 Wit

kleurnr. 200 Geel

kleurnr. 202 Donkergeel

kleurnr. 205 Citroengeel

kleurnr. 227 Gele oker

kleurnr. 235 Oranje

kleurnr. 318 Karmijn

kleurnr. 334 Scharlaken

kleurnr. 359 Tyrischrose

kleurnr. 374 Vleeskleur

kleurnr. 400 Bruin

kleurnr. 501 Lichtblauw (cyaan)

kleurnr. 502 Donkerblauw

kleurnr. 508 Pruisischblauw

kleurnr. 536 Violet

kleurnr. 601 Lichtgroen

kleurnr. 602 Donkergroen

kleurnr. 700 Zwart