DactaColor Studio Gouache / Tempera postercolour 500ml


Dacta®-color is a splendid water based gouache / tempera. Extremely suitable for small children, (school) children and hobbyists. Dacta®-color is so concentrated that it can also be diluted with water (maximum. 30% of the volume) if required . Dacta®-color is available in 24 brilliant colors which can be applied splendidly even. Due to a very carefully chosen composition this paint protrudes and has almost no fragrance. If required a layer of Creall®-varnish can be applied; the creation becomes then brilliantly shining and indelible. Dacta®-color can be removed simply from tables, brushes, etc. with water. Special washingstructions for removing spots on textile can found on this Internet site under 'information'. Of course these paints only contain components which comply with the European security standard for toys "EN 71-3". With Dacta®-color also the windows in the class rooms can be painted. Nicely for example for halloween topics or phantom impact. Dacta®-color is packed in smooth bottles with a handy flip-top-lid.

DactaColor is available in 500 and 1000ml. On this page you find 500ml.
For 1000ml. CLICK HERE.