Old Holland Mediums


Old Holland Oil Painting Medium

  • Verdunt de olieverf en verhoogt de vloeibaarheid
  • Vermindert de glans en heeft vrijwel geen effect op de droogtijd
  • Penseelstreek blijft zichtbaar
  • Gemaakt van een mengsel van lijnzaadolie, terpentijnolie en terpentine.
  • Bevat geen hars of drogers

Old Holland Retouching Vernis

  • Suitable for bringing up lost elements, and for temporary protection
  • Dries in several hours
  • For use when the paint is dry. Does not yellow.
  • Made on the basis of ketone resin dissolved in white spirit

Old Holland Stand Oil

  • Boiled, polymerised linseed oil
  • Increases fluidity and makes it possible to remove the brushstroke
  • Increases the gloss, is elastic, but lengthens the drying time
  • Can be diluted with turpentine and white spirit.
  • Yellows less than linseed oil, but dries slower
  • Can be used in the glacis technique